1. Terminations on different types of power cable

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  • All types of cables end power 5KVolts and up require the installation of terminations at the ends to control (stress cone) the voltage stress and provide increased resistance to the arcs and paths. It is therefore important to resort to a professional and experienced workforce by the different products available on the market.
  • 3M, Pfisterer, Tyco, Elastimold, G.W., Prismian, NKT, ABB, PLM…

2. Splices on power cable

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  • Under an amendment to a cable network power, for economic reasons and / or constraints in place, it may be advantageous to keep the sections in good condition and make splices. That’s why power companies have developed expertise GML for integrating a new cable network to network cable user requiring different types of splices.
  • Transition joint between PILC and XLPE
  • Transition joint from single-phase conductor to 3 phases conductors
  • Live end cap on PILC cable, XLPE, 5-25 KVolts

3. Dielectric tests

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The test will validate the quality of dielectric insulation and accessories before powering up the cable.

4. Emergency road service

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With its expertise and material resources, the GML utilities can meet the demands of their customers when cable breaking. The power companies keep in stock different materials:

  • Splices
  • Terminations
  • Accessories

GML companies do not hesitate to ally with other firms known to respond quickly to customer needs.

5. Thermography

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Infrared thermography is the process of capturing and analyzing thermal data from thermal imaging devices without physical contact.

Electrical companies Gaétan Marcil Ltée regularly use thermal imaging for the protection of workers, it becomes a prerequisite for work carried out in confined spaces.

Thermal imaging is a powerful diagnostic tool for preventive maintenance, detecting faults invisible to the eye. Thermography allows corrective actions on electrical equipment before breakage occurs. By measuring temperature differences precisely, thermal imaging becomes a valuable aid in determining the corrective actions to be taken, which allows the company to better plan the work. During the assessment, several pieces of information are collected, which will then be summarized and transmitted in a written report.

6. Partnership with consulting engineering firm and electrical contractors

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Strategic Alliances (expertise and subcontracting).

At GML we work with you to obtain favorable terms for new business development.

  • Processing and Distribution Center inside and out
  • Installation and modifications of power cable networks
  • Updating primary measuring equipment
  • Others…

7. Health / Safety

In order to ensure the safety of its workers, Gaétan Marcil Electricity Companies Ltd. have developed working methods and safety procedures that are used on various construction sites.

Each installation mandate is documented and includes work safety analysis sheets, quote compliance sheets, control sheets for both quality and safety.

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