Our business


Our company, Les entreprises d’électricité Gaétan Marcil Ltée, is recognized since its foundation in May 1982 for its services specialized in high and average tension. The priorities of the company are the safety issues, the quality of our projects, the respect for the terms and the satisfaction of the customers. The company was built over years with an excellent reputation. The key of its success resolves in its expertise as well as in its innovation capacities. Today, we make every effort to assure and raise the reason of our hearts in this company.

Our meaning is to serve you, the company is represented by a dynamic team made of a staff highly specialized for all tasks: all the types of endings (5kV endings, 25kV endings, 35kV endings, 69kV endings and more) and splices (Teck-teck splices, transistion splices, triplex cable splices, vulcanization) on cables of power, dielectric essays, preventive maintenance of an electric substation, connected transformers with top-voltage. For several years, we obtained money orders for insurance companies and experts in disaster for the analysis of costs concerning files of complaints in this business sector. We also possess the necessary expertise to execute works in the field of the electric substations and in high tension the contribution. Always on the look-out for new technologies and worried of adding to its expertise the notions of safety, the company purchased top of the range infrared cameras.

Having the skills for and being qualified and competent professionals, we make every effort to make sure that our staffs get the appropriate training for those activities. To ensure continuity, she works to train the next generation of family members within the company.


Gaétan Marcil, our master, founder of the company, works for more than 30 years in the industrial domain, more specifically in high voltage. His rigor in the work and its passion for the job makes him a leader in the industry. Mr Marcil takes part actively in all the projects of the company. He offers his customers stability, experience, foresight as well as expertise acquired and developed over the years. Among others, he has settle up a training program in safety and does not hesitate to get himself all the equipment allowing him to improve the security of the workers, because safety is in the heart of his family.